SharePoint Setup Part 4

32. SharePoint Central Administration Site will open automatically. You also need to add this site to Trusted Sites.

33. Enter Administrator user id and password in the login dialog window.

34. Click Add to Add this site to the trusted sites

35. Click Add and Close

36. You will see SharePoint Central Administration Web site

SharePoint2007 Installation

37. Enable Email Server on the environment (If you are sending Emails or Alerts from server otherwise no need)

a. Click Operations -> Outgoing Email Settings

SharePoint2007 Installation

b. Enter Server name and Email Address and click OK

SharePoint2007 Installation

38. Enable Office SharePoint Server Search Service

Office SharePoint Server Search services is responsible for Crawling and indexing content stored Various MOSS Sites, File Shares, Network Shares, Lotus Notes Databases, SAP and People Soft (using Connectors). MOSS Search Service also provides Business Data Catalog that can extract data from any .NET Managed data source like SQL Server.

a. Click Operations -> Services on Server

SharePoint2007 Installation

b. Click on Start in front of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Search

c. Under Query and Indexing section select both indexing and Query checkboxes

d. Enter Contact Email address

e. Enter Farm Search User Account which should be Domain user account. Do not use any build in account like network service etc.

f. Select path for the index file that will be created by the SharePoint Server 2007 Crawler.

SharePoint2007 Installation

g. Select from any of the Crawler performance options. This option will give appropriate memory and performance to SharePoint Server 2007 Crawler based on your system specifications.

h. If you have more than one search server you can choose different dedicated front end server but if you have single server installation you can leave the option as is.

i. Click Start when you are done.

SharePoint2007 Installation

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