SharePoint Setup Part-6

43. Creating a New Shared Service Provider for MOSS 2007 site

a. From left navigation click Shared Services Administration

a. New SSP


c. From the new SSP Page Enter SSP Title and then Click on Create a New Web Application for Administration Site host


d. Creating a New Web application for Shared Services Administration Site

i. Enter Port Number other than 80. E.g. (22 – which is easy to remember)


ii. Select NTLM for security

iii. Leave the reaming section unchanged


iv. In The application pool settings enter user name and password for the administrator (This user could be administrator or than current administrator)

v. Leave the rest of options unchanged


vi. Leave the rest of the options unchanged and clicks OK.

vii. After completion you will be back to NEW SSP Page.

viii. Click Start -> Run -> CMD

ix. Enter IISReset and press enter

x. Leave the section MySite Location as is.

xi. Enter the Administrator user id and password in the SSP Credential Section

xii. Change the Database names for both SSP DB and SSP Search DB to some relevant names.


xiii. Do not change the authentication method from Windows to SQL. Windows authentication is recommended.

xiv. Leave the remaining sections unchanged and click OK.


xv. Click OK on my site alert page.


xvi. When you receive confirmation that SSP Site is created.

xvii. Click Start -> Run -> CMD

xviii. Enter IIS Reset

xix. Click OK on the success page.


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