SharePoint Setup Part-5

39. Starting Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Search Service

Windows SharePoint Services Search is responsible for Crawling and searching content that is stored in Windows SharePoint Services Sites.

a. Click Operations -> Services on Server

b. Click Start on the right side of Windows SharePoint Services Search


c. Enter Service Account for The Service (This account is required to run the service on the operating system

d. Enter Content Access Account is the account that has administrative access on all the sites on the server (This account is required to crawl content on the server)


e. Enter Database server and Database name for Windows SharePoint Services Search. WSS Stores index into SQL Server as compared to MOSS which stores content into an Index File (XML).

f. Select indexing schedule. A Good practice is to schedule after every 5 minutes to ensure efficient search. WSS search will not affect the performance of the server.

g. Click Start When you are done.


40. Starting Excel Services Service

a. Click Start on the right of Excel Services to start the service

41. Starting Document Conversion Launcher and Load Balancer Services

These two services provide the ability to SharePoint Server to Convert Microsoft Office Documents to WebPages if the client accesses these files does not have Microsoft Office Installed on the system. These services required additional settings which can be made by reading the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server deployment guide.

42. The services page will look like this


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