SharePoint Setup Part 1

1. Login to the computer with Domain Admin Account

2. Install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise or Standard

3. Install Windows Server 2003 Service pack 1 or 2

4. Install IIS 6.0 with ASP.NET Enabled


5. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with Service Pack 1 or2.

6. Add Current Windows Users as SQL Server Administrator if it is not already.

a. Open SQL Server Management Studio

b. Connect to the server

c. Expand the server node

d. Expand the Security Node

e. Right Click on the Logins and Click Create New Login

SharePoint2007 Installation

f. Enter the account name and Click Search

SharePoint2007 Installation

g. Enter the Service account again and click Check Names and click OK When confirmed.

h. Click on Server Roles from the left menu

Check Permissions for

· DB Creator

· SysAdmin

· Security Admin

· Server Admin

SharePoint2007 Installation

7. Click OK

8. This User will be visible in the Logins window.

9. Now Confirm that the current logged in user is par to Administrator group on the server

10. Install .NET Framework 3.0 if not already installed

Run dotnetfx3.exe to install the framework

SharePoint2007 Installation

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